Why I dress nicely every day

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When I first came to college, I went to class in pajamas or sweatpants. My grandma told me she would be upset if she saw me go to class like that. I am not telling you to dress better but I am telling you why I choose to dress better. For my women readers, when I say dress better, that does not mean you need to cake on makeup. Your natural face looks beautiful!










Reasons why I dress up:

1. I feel that my sense of style reflects who I am. I let it be my self-expression.

2. I feel more confident. Nothing feels better than looking in the mirror and saying, “Dang, I look good.”

3. I dress to impress or dress every day as if it is an interview. By the way, if you ever need help with interview skills, check out UW-Stevens Point Career Services.

4. It is scientifically proven: We feel more attractive when we dress nicely.

5. I have a lot of clothes and I don’t need to buy new things to express myself. I define my style with what I already have. I crocheted this white scarf! You could do the same or learn how at the Knitting and Crocheting Club at UW-Stevens Point!

6. People start complementing your style and continue to raise your confidence.











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