Don’t grumble about the boiling heat

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Wondering how to stay cool this weekend? Swimming, eating ice cream, seeing a movie and being anywhere that has air conditioning might be the top things to look for when planning your weekend. Check out the many places around Stevens Point to enjoy these unusually smoldering conditions.

Ice cream shops
Stevens Point has great ice cream shops that will cool you down and keep you from thinking about the sweat that is dripping in places it shouldn’t. Carl D’s, Belt’s and Square Scoops are some of the favorite local shops around the area. These shops have an endless supply of flavors, wacky specials and you can even get “pup cones” for your fluffy friends. If those are not close enough to your house and you do not want to walk far in the blazing heat, look for your closest McDonald’s, Culver’s, Cold Stone or Dairy Queen. Whatever you do, swallow up the ice cream fast because it will surely melt quickly this weekend.

Swim areas
If you are sick of dripping in sweat and want to cool off in the water, there are many places to take a plunge. The Wisconsin River is a popular destination and makes for a great place to hang out with friends. When you get done eating an ice cream cone at Square Scoops and just can’t take the heat anymore, dash through the splash pad in the square. Also, don’t forget that you can take a dip in the Donald Copps Municipal Pool near PJ Jacobs Middle School. Any water source is going to be busy this weekend, so don’t grumble too much about how blistering it is and remember to have fun.

Anywhere with air conditioning
Don’t have air conditioning or you’re too stubborn to turn it on? The movie theater is one place you can go for three hours to get away from the heat. If you go during the day, it will be even more affordable. Bowling alleys are another enjoyable place on these scorching days. Remember that if needed you could go to almost any store in Stevens Point. They will have air conditioning. So if nothing else, go to the grocery store and stick your head in the freezer for a while. That should cool you off.

This weekend may be unbearable for some, but Stevens Point offers many opportunities to make the heat tolerable. Do not be that person sweating profusely and bellyaching about the heat. Do something that will divert your attention from the heat. Also, make sure to take a shower at the end of the day, because we all know that anyone who spends time outdoors this weekend is going to stink at the end of the day.

Mikayla Jankowski is a business administration major and communication minor at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.


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