10 decorating ideas to try at your residence hall

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Now that University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point first-year-students-to-be have received their hall assignments, it’s time to start planning for what you will bring to campus! Social media sites such as Pinterest can provide a wealth of ideas for your residence hall room. Here are 10 ideas I love with links to pictures.

  1. Washi tape mini fridge
    You can rent a small fridge from Residential Living, but many students prefer to bring one with them. Something like this is decorative and fun. Just make sure you limit the size to 5.4 cubic feet.
  1. Geometric photo collage
    Use something eye-catching to keep cherished photographs prominent. Residential Living requires that it can be hung without nails or putting holes in the wall, so find something that can stick to the wall with poster putty or 3M picture-hanging strips.
  1. Small desktop organizer
    Your desk, like most things in your room, will provide limited space. Use the space more efficiently with organizers like this one.
  1. Bright throw pillows
    Find what matches your style to provide your room with more color and comfort.
  1. Unique string lights
    These won’t always provide the light you need to study, but they offer a warm ambience. Just make sure they are UL certified to meet Residential Living requirements.
  1. Fun entry rug
    Find something that can make your room feel more like home before you even step foot inside.
  1. Bold corkboards
    Residential Living furnishes each room with one corkboard, but more than one is convenient and can be stylish.
  1. Framed dry erase board
    These are good ideas for to-do lists inside your room and message boards on your door for friends when you’re out.
  1. Cushioned storage ottoman
    Anything that provides additional storage space is convenient. Doing it with style is a bonus.
  1. Hanging mug holder
    What student can live without caffeine? Again, your only expectation is that you not use nails or create holes in your wall to hang your mug holder.

I hope this has provided you with some ideas! Good luck with your planning. If you have any questions about what to bring, consult this handy guide from Residential Living. For more university-approved ideas on Pinterest visit pinterest.com/uwspresliving/.

UW-Stevens Point blogger Chloe Wiersma is a communication major with a public relations emphasis and a business administration minor from Beaver Dam, Wis.



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