3 reasons to major in communication

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As a new communication major I am learning a lot about the way I communicate and others around me. After completing a semester as a communication major there are three aspects that I have really learned to appreciate.

Major flexibility
First and foremost, the flexibility of the major. Within the communication major there are three emphases: interpersonal and organizational communication, media studies and public relations. My emphasis is interpersonal and organizational communication. The reason I appreciate the flexibility of the major is because there is such a wide variety of classes and overlap between emphases, making it easier if I change my mind, even when I thought I knew what I wanted before.

Smooth transition
Another aspect I appreciate about the communication major is the organization and the reasonable time period to complete the classes. When entering college, many students worry that they don’t know what they want to do, therefore they cannot decide on a major. In my experience, I knew exactly what I wanted to do coming into the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, until I changed my mind a year later. With that being said, my appreciation of the major comes into play when my transition from major to major was smooth and I learned that I would still be able to graduate in four years or even a semester early. The time in which you need to complete a communication major is so possible and that is another reason it is so appeasing.

Enjoyable learning experience
Lastly, the professor’s enthusiasm for their courses makes the learning experience that much more enjoyable and comforting to know that they believe in and practice what they are teaching you. I thoroughly enjoy the interpersonal aspect of the communication major because I can learn about communications in relationships such as romantic, family and others. The fact that this major can apply to everyday life conversations and interactions makes it easy to understand the importance of the material and appreciate it. One of my professors would share her personal experiences with us and it made myself and the other students more comfortable sharing examples of our own and ultimately, helping us relate to the lesson.

It may take some time to find the right major and settle down, but if you can find these three aspects within your major and have your own appreciation for it, then you know you are in the right place.

Alyssa Deem is a communication major from Lake in the Hills, Ill.


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