6 Easy Ways to Make Your Room More Festive

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As the semester draws to an end, the holiday season rapidly approaches. With all of the craziness that surrounds finals some students find it harder to get into the seasonal spirit. To help you along, here are some ideas for getting into the wintery holiday season in your residence hall room:

1.One of the most popular decorations seen around campus are window stickers. You can purchase window stickers for lots of holidays at local stores. It’s a fun and easy way to decorate your residence hall room for the holidays.

2. The classic snowflake cutouts. Not only will this make your room a winter wonderland, but it is an awesome bonding craft for you, your roommate and friends! Here is a tutorial to help you get crafting.

3. Mini fake holiday tree! Last year, I brought my mother’s mini artificial holiday tree and lit it up with a tiny string of lights. It made my room so much more festive and really got me in the holiday spirit.

4. Strings of lights are a common year-round decoration in the residence hall rooms today. However, if you want to feel more festive, you could get white, red and green, or blue lights to hang up in your room. They look best hung from lofts or around the windows. If you’re unsure of room-decorating guidelines for safety, check with your hall’s community advisors or Residential Living’s website or handbook policies on decorating for more information.

5. Door decorations! Already this year I’ve seen snowflake cutouts and paper wreaths on residence hall doors. It shows and shares your holiday spirit with everyone that walks by – and makes your door unique!

6. Decorate yourself. I like to wear festive socks, ugly holiday sweaters, scarves and other seasonal apparel. Not only will it put you in a very festive mood, but others around you will see it, too. Check out the new UW-Stevens Point ugly sweater collection in the university store!

Use the last couple weeks of the semester to study hard Pointers, but don’t forget to get into the holiday spirit… winter break is almost here!




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