How to Pack for Winter Break

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Val Every gives advice on packing for winter break.

Congrats, UW-Stevens Point students! You made it through the first semester of the 2016-2017 school year. Now it is time for many of us to head home for our month-long break, which everyone not in college is jealous of! However, this long break can pose a bit of a problem: what to bring home for break.

Here are a few rules of thumb to help you pack for winter break, if you’re heading back to your hometown.

Do you wear it at least once a week?

If you answered yes, pack it up! If you have your favorite outfits, or even just things you wear often, bring them along. You do have to wear clothes for a whole month, so definitely bring your favorites. As for me, I always pack about half my sweatshirts, but only two pairs of my jeans. Keep it simple, but pack it if you’ll need it.

Will it spoil, break or die if you leave it?

This applies mostly to plants and food. You can leave all the nonperishable food items you keep in your room because you can eat them next semester! If it will go bad… have a finals feast! (or throw it out). This rule also applies to plants. I left a succulent in my res hall room over winter break last year and it died. (Cue moment of silence.) Even plants requiring the smallest amount of water should be taken home.

If you never use it…

Pack it up and bring it home! Clutter, especially in the residence halls, cuts into an already close space for you and your roomie. It is smarter to take unused items home and leave them there! Trust me, this is coming from someone who has way to much stuff for her room. Take the advice: pack it up and leave it at home.

Would you wear it in colder weather?

Shorts? Should go home. Sandals? Go home! Temperatures have been in the single digits this week, and it’s time for the spring and summer clothes left behind to go home! It will decrease clutter in the room and help you be more organized and prepared for next semester. You can then bring the clothes back next semester, as it warms up again after spring break.

Happy packing and have a great break, Pointers!



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