How to Make the Most of Your First Week at UWSP

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Sophomore Mai La Yang shares ways to make the most of your first week on campus.
The first week of college can be nerve-wracking when you don’t know anyone on campus yet and are far from home. But there’s nothing to fear, Pointers!

Get to know the campus and our community more by following these tips to become more comfortable at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point:

1. Door knocking. Students living in the residence halls can visit and meet others by simply knocking on their neighbors’ door and getting to know them better. You can also leave your door wide open and wait for friendly new faces to pop in and out to say a quick hello.

2. Attend Welcome Week and be a social butterfly. August 31 – September 4, the university holds a welcome event for incoming students to get them settled in before school begins. Welcome Week includes an outdoor movie, bubble soccer, late night dinner, shopping and many more exciting things to do. Make the most of this and don’t forget to interact with others!

3. Visit the Dreyfus University Center (DUC). The DUC is a place where you can relax before your next class, or get something quick to eat from the Homegrown Café and Brewhaus. The DUC also has a hair salon on the second floor, wonderful resources for student organizations, and if you need a full meal instead of a snack, head to the Food Court on the second level.

4. Explore downtown. The walk to downtown Stevens Point can take about 10-20 minutes from campus, but if you’re not in the mood to walk you can always take the city bus. The city bus is free to all UW-Stevens Point students with your Pointer I.D.

5. Visit each building on campus. Get familiar with the campus layout by going to each building and getting a feel of where everything is. You can also get a head start on where your classes will be held, so you don’t get lost on the first day of school.

Good luck to all new incoming and transfer students!

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