Curating Playlists For Studying, Napping And More

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Anyon Rettinger gives tips on curating playlists for studying, napping and more!
The perfect playlist is carefully crafted with the right songs and with a purpose. Think about it; the best playlists are the ones that follow a theme you can feel from song to song. In the next few paragraphs, I’m sharing some of my favorite playlists on Spotify and tips to make your own masterpiece.


Music has always been a passion of mine. I love to listen to it, I love to play it. I’m singing something every chance I get, and then I’m listening to Spotify every other minute. I play music when I sleep sometimes, when I wake up, while I get ready for the day, workout, in the car, at work, at home, always. I like having something in the background, but now it also helps me focus.

I personally like softer music. I often describe my music taste as singer/songwriter, chill, indie folk, acoustic style. This type of music speaks to my soul and calms me. I feel so connected to songs that fit this genre, and I get really invested in the artists who create music of this style.

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I would say more than half of my Spotify collection is softer, relaxed, easy listening music. Two of my favorite playlists are appropriately titled “Chill” and “Wonderful Unknown.” They are what I play most of the da. No matter where I am or what I am doing, they just fit.

“Chill” is my largest playlist at 480 songs. I know, great title, right?

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This playlist features artists and tunes that match the name, chill. The tone of music relaxes the listener and allows them to focus. This is a great study playlist for anyone looking for light songs that aren’t super loud or distracting. I also usually play it in a work environment for that same reason.

What I like most about the curation is that it helps me stay focused, the songs are even encouraging sometimes, but it doesn’t overshadow or draw my attention away from what I’m doing. “Chill” helps me get my work done and get in the zone.

On a side note, I think it’s kind of funny that the playlist cover image is of four Norah Jones albums because her music was what I was listening to when I first got the inspiration to create “Chill,” though the list now includes a more broad selection than just her smooth vocals.

Chill Spotify Playlist


“Wonderful Unknown” is the first playlist I ever made and still today is my favorite. I think the title gives it some mystery, and I like that you don’t exactly know what you are going to get from it. The style of this playlist takes a more solace or serious tone, but is power packed with all the feels.

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I made this playlist after listening to its title track “Wonderful Unknown” by Ingrid Michaelson and being so moved by it that I wanted to make an entire list matching the mood of this one song. Ingrid is one of my favorite artists. I have seen her live twice and after the second concert, I got to meet and hug her. It was incredible!

Besides the fun personal anecdotes, her music has always spoken to me as I know it does for many others, too. You can find a good chunk of her music throughout this collection along with other artists that have a soft, calming tone to them.

Wonderful Unknown Spotify Playlist


This has been my go-to playlist for nearly everything and often times, it’s what I play when I sleep. Something about it, track to track, just relaxes me to the point of drifting off. This list has also doubled as a great work and study playlist, too, because the songs are the right backdrop for productivity.

I have made over 15 playlists that I go back and forth to listen to between different times of the week. My Spotify experience, just like the two playlists above, is all about mood. How I feel will define what I listen to, so that’s exactly how I curate my playlists. Every single list is a collection of songs that work together based on how they make me feel. I know exactly what to listen to no matter what I’m feeling, and I’ve never failed to have the right list for the right moment.

Making a good playlist is something anyone can do, you just need to be smart when crafting it. Think about the theme you want it to have. Where are you intending to listen to it? Do the songs make you think about anyone? How do they make you feel? Are you generally happier, pensive or sad after hearing it? All these factors and more, need to be considered when you put together a playlist. Make something you want to listen to. Have a personal connection to your playlists and your listening experience will change.

You can also look me up on Spotify and see what the rest of my playlists are like. I am always building something new or adding to my existing collection.
Happy listening!



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