How to Decorate a Small Space: College Edition

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It’s no surprise that your college years will be spent in small living spaces. Whether you have plans to live in the residence halls or in an apartment, chances are you will be sharing a space with others. In order to make this new space look nice and organized and feel like home, many students turn to decorating.  


My favorite thing about moving into a new space is to make it my own and add decorations. It truly makes a small space turn much more special when you’re comfortable and living in style. Adding seating, decorations, and wall hangings amplifies your new living space to a relaxing oasis! Here are some suggestions that can take your space to a new level…


  • Decorative string lights


The most popular way for students to spruce up a space is to add decorative string lights! Cheap Christmas lights work awesome for this exact purpose! Make sure you have enough command hooks for the lights to be secured to the walls and ensure they won’t slip or fall off.



  • Seating


Your friends will love coming over to your room when there’s ample seating for everyone! Whether it’s a futon or stools, anything will do! Your new space will be the hot spot for your friends and neighbors to come over to watch movies or football games.


  • Color Samples


This suggestion is a tad bit unconventional, but it’s a free, decorative way to take your room to a whole new level. What more could you ask for?! I added double-sided tape to the back of these color samples I got at a local hardware store, and arranged them in a creative way! Take a look!



  • Pictures of family and friends


How can you leave home without bringing bits and pieces of memories with you? I always bring little sentimental things with me when I pack up to live in a new space, and this includes pictures! For this look, I added small magnets on the back of clothespins. My metal loft was a perfect place for these clothespins and pictures to hang!



Creating a cozy space is an important step in allowing your new space to feel like home. By adding these simple and cheap changes to your new space, you will have it feeling cozy in no time!



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