Backpack Essentials of Every College Student

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Ever wonder what you should pack in your backpack each day for class? After attending the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point for a couple years, I’ve narrowed down some essential items that I never forget to bring to class.


Umbrella: This item is at the top of the list since it’s the most essential item to pack in your backpack each morning! As a first year student, I didn’t think to bring an umbrella with me to class, and it poured. It’s not fun walking in the rain, let me tell you! Avoid arriving to class soaked and bring an umbrella. Collapsible umbrellas are perfect to slide into the side pocket on any backpack and allow easy access when you need it most.


Pencil Pouch: As a person who likes to stay organized by using different colored pens and highlighters, an assortment of writing materials kept in a pencil pouch is essential for me. Some professors require tests to be completed in pen, while others prefer pencil. Be sure to come prepared to class and bring a variety of writing materials! Don’t rely on other students to borrow materials for class.


Student ID and Keys: I have a lanyard that I carry around in order to keep by student ID and keys always handy. Having a lanyard allows multiple keys to be attached and easily accessible. Lanyards are not only for first-year students to carry around, but upperclassmen, too!


Student Planner: Get organized and invest in a student planner. Write down birthdays, special events, homework and meetings all in this handy notebook. My student planner is a visual reminder of everything I need to remember for future dates. Every day, I create goals for the day in my student planner. I create goals to stay on track for deadlines for my classes and internships.


Water Bottle: Spending hours at a time in class is tiring, so having a water bottle to sip during class is essential. Sometimes a quick study session with classmates goes into a couple hours, so having a way to stay hydrated is important. Invest in a water bottle, since you will likely be carrying it around campus every day. I put my water bottle in the side pocket of my backpack for easy access to quench my thirst!


As a junior, I have narrowed down a list of essential items to pack in your backpack each day. These items have come in handy for me more than once, and I’m guessing they’ll help you out too!




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