How to Survive Morning and Night Classes

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Throughout your time in college, it’s almost impossible to avoid morning and night classes. It’s important to attend these classes, even when you’re tired or hungry. Finding ways to make these classes a bit more interesting makes for an easier semester.


Sit in front of the class. Although many students, including me, dread sitting in the front row during class, it’s the best spot to stay alert. Sitting up front shows your professors that you’re a diligent student and requires you to stay awake the whole class. Score!


Do homework whenever you get a chance. When you have morning and night classes, make sure to get your homework done beforehand. Adjusting your free time, study time, and other activities is necessary!


Keep a calendar at hand. Having class dates listed and crossing them off once you went to class creates a visual interpretation as to how many classes you have left. If you truly think about it, each semester is 15 weeks. If you have class two days per week, you only have to go to class 30 times to finish the semester. Believe me, these 15 weeks fly by and so will your dreaded morning class!


Reward yourself. Finding small ways to reward yourself after attending each morning or night class is a fun way to encourage yourself to keep pushing through. Bring a mug of hot chocolate or a snack with you to class next time. Finding small ways to keep your interest peaked during these classes allows for a non-stressful semester.


Register for classes that take place when your brain is most awake. For me, night classes are out of the question since my brain turns off later in the day. After a few semesters of both night classes and early morning classes, I realized I prefer early morning classes. These times are different for everyone, so knowing when to schedule classes for future semesters will be essential in achieving success.


Morning classes and night classes are inevitable in college. You can try to avoid these classes as much as you want, but they will catch up to you! Learning some ways to make going to class more exciting is essential in having a successful semester.


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