Monthly Archives: February 2019

An Interview with Dr. Niklaus Butz

The relationship between a student and teacher is unique. Connections are formed through a short four months, where you may only see each other for an hour or two per week. This leaves students with little time to ask the questions they might be curious about. Today I sit down in the CPS Café with Dr. […]


Tips on Saving for Spring Break

Hello, Pointers! With spring break is just around the corner, I’ve put together some tips and tricks that will help you plan for a week-long getaway. Who knew saving for a trip to a warm vacation spot could be so easy? Read below to find out how you can plan and budget!   1. Save […]


Upcoming Centertainment Events

Spring semester has officially started and students are getting back into gear! Some of us wake up to the first beep of our alarm clocks and some of us go through snooze a couple of times. Regardless of how you’re transitioning into this new semester, we all need a little motivation to get through.   […]