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By: Haley Sternitzky

Would you like to work on your communication skills and other ways to become a successful leader? Well, being a Student Ambassador is a great opportunity for you!

My name is Haley Sternitzky, and I am a student ambassador at UWSP-Marshfield. I am a freshman majoring in Communications and minoring in Spanish. I grew up in Marshfield, WI so I enjoy going to a campus that is in my hometown. I am so grateful that I was chosen to be a student ambassador. It is a great way to be involved at UWSP-Marshfield.

Ambassadors give tours to incoming students or anyone who is interested, working the front desk in the Solution Center, answering phone calls and basically be the face of the campus! When I decided I was going to college at this campus, I wanted to make sure I was involved and this position accomplished that goal.

Along with this being a paid position, there are other advantages to this job! This position has helped me work on my leadership skills along with public speaking. I feel like my confidence has increased. I will be using these skills a lot in the future, so this is a great start for me. I can also continue to show off my college and encourage other students to apply with this job. I always enjoy working at the front desk with all the staff and creating a relationship with each of them.

Along with the staff, I have also made relationships with the other ambassadors. We all have unique things about us but come together as one to continue to lead the campus in a positive way. This position has helped me better myself as a student and can’t wait to continue this journey as a UWSP-Marshfield Marauder Student Ambassador in the 2022-2023 school year!

Interested in becoming a student ambassador? We are now accepting applications! Check your UWSP student email for more information or email


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