Maas, Taylor C

Whaddup blog readers? I'm Taylor and hopefully I have some interesting things to say. I am a student at the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point. I initially started at a tech school, tried out University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, and finally nailed it on the third try, finding a place that was just right. I am a philosophy and religious studies double major with a minor in political science and intentions of attending law school. I am also a mom of the cutest 5-year-old that exists (Objectively). I recently stepped down from president of the philosophical society and secretary of phi sigma tau to use my senior year to concentrate on submitting papers to conferences. I also manage the office of a small church. I love school, philosophy, being a mom, snowboarding, kayaking, and sleeping in. That's pretty much me!

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Getting in on the excitement of orientation!

First-year student orientation 2014

Blogger Taylor Maas gets involved in the excitement of orientation by taking you on a virtual tour of her favorite spots on campus. Learn about some of these great places you could be enjoying, too!