Volumes of Hanoi

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I am back! The semester got hectic and then the time right after the semester was too… Before things get hectic again, I want to share some posts about some of my 3D printing adventures during the past three months. After my last post, I printed the Volumes of Hanoi. The first parts I printed […]


Messing up and cleaning up

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Well, the dodecahedron did not turn out. It got off in the middle somewhere and never recovered. I came in the next morning to find a nice bottom half and a big tangle of messy strands of plastic all over the top and sides. According to a web entry, this model printed without supports on […]


First Design – a success!

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My basic SD card holder printed nicely. It only holds the cards loosely, but that is good enough for my needs. I figured I could put this holder into an envelope or something like that to keep the cards from falling out, but it turns out that it just fits into a paper clip box. […]


First Failures

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I tell my students that mistakes are good – that you grow new brain through them, and learn a lot. So I guess I grew some new brain connections these past few days. Printing the Ultimaker robot was great, but I was anxious to print a knot. I found lots of good ones on Thingiverse.com, […]