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I am Kaya; phonetically it is pronounced (KAY-YUH). I am a sassy, sarcastic, independent, and pretty comical woman. The Diversity and College Access Director referred to me as a “force of nature”; due to my persistent strive to get things done, no matter the obstacle. “We need to help students and parents cherish and preserve the ethnic and cultural diversity that nourishes and strengthens this community - and this nation.” — Cesar Chavez What I do on Campus: I am a non-traditional student at UW – Stevens Point (UWSP) with a double major in Political Science and International Studies . I transferred to Stevens Point last year from UW Marathon County (UWMC), to take an Arabic class. I used to commute to Stevens Point 4 days a week from Wausau and work full time. It was a struggle but all my hard work is paying off. I am now at UWSP full time! This semester I received a campus leadership award and a diversity and inclusivity scholarship! I will be taking the LSAT (law school admission exam) in October this year! I want to be an advocate for human rights and help create global diversity, and that is something I am really passionate about. I came from a small town in northern WI and I had no diversity experience in my life…. Now making Diversity is my life.

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Here’s what you can expect with differential tuition

The Student Government Association (SGA) needs our voice in an upcoming differential tuition referendum that could reduce the time you wait for high-demand courses and improve student advising. What is differential tuition? The referendum, also called “The Pointer Partnership,” asks whether you would pay an extra $200 in tuition for services that could help students […]


UW-Stevens Point welcomes international students

Hello! Assalamu Alaikum! Hola! Privyeht! … and Eid Mubarak to all of my Muslim readers! Well, for those who you don’t know me, I am a huge diversity nerd. I love it and I love learning about other people’s cultures and/or how I can enrich their lives or they can enrich mine! Since I have […]