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It’s Spring Break

Greetings from UWSP!  Just a reminder that UW-Stevens Point’s academic calendar states that spring break officially starts on March 15th at 6 p.m. Classes will resume on March 25th.   Leaving for spring break? Be sure to do the following before you leave:  Staying for Spring Break?   Here are some fun activities you can do […]


The College Tour

Sometimes it is hard to get a feel for what it is actually like to attend a college. You can look at all of the brochures and advertised videos that you want, but the best insight that you can get for a potential university is from the perspective of the current students. The College Tour […]


BA vs. BS- What’s the difference? 

At UWSP, we have a few different degree options for undergraduate students. One of the most common questions we receive is—what is the difference between Bachelor of Arts versus Bachelor of Science?  Bachelor of Arts (BA)  The Bachelor of Arts degree is intended to develop skills and talents essential to succeeding in a global society. […]


Summer Classes

A summer class is a great way to catch up or get ahead on credits. Summer classes usually run for about three weeks. Summer courses with insufficient enrollment may be canceled. Students will be notified as soon as possible should that become necessary.   Below are the dates for registering for summer classes:  Graduate and Undergraduate student […]


The Counseling Center is Here to Help 

UWSP’s Counseling Center offers free and confidential therapy services to enrolled students. Anxiety, depression, trauma, low motivation, poor concentration, relationship concerns, identity development, grief, and a whole slew of other issues can make you feel dissatisfied with academics, isolated from others, and harsh with yourself. Students can work with an on-campus counselor to identify the […]