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On-Campus Housing Applications

It’s that time of year again where housing applications need to get sent in. There are many things to consider when deciding your next living situation, but it is important to be on top of it so that you have a better chance of getting your preferred housing options!  When it comes to on-campus housing, […]


Register to Vote

Not only is 2024 a leap year, but it’s also a major election year! Which means we, as students, get a chance to participate in democracy and vote for the ideas we believe in!  Voting is an incredibly important thing to do as an adult. It gives us the power to create change and voice […]


Get Involved This Spring at UWSP

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The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point has many opportunities for students to get involved on campus. One resource that students can use to find organizations and events is SPIN.  SPIN is a great site for:  I always use SPIN to see what is happening on campus. I have attended many bingo nights and movies that have […]


Visit UWSP This Spring!

Spring semester is here! There is no better time to visit the UW-Stevens Point campus. Spring semester offers many different visit experiences for prospective students to take part in. There are three main visit experiences students can look forward to Admitted Student Day, ViewPoint Day, and Daily Visits. For students unable to travel to Stevens […]


Getting an Internship

There are few things in college more intimidating than trying to find an internship. It is the official start of your professional career and there is always pressure to find the best internship possible. There are a few things to keep in mind when sending in those applications.   In 2024, you are going to be […]