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Meal Plan Options on Campus 

First and second-year students are required to participate in the dining program. When filling out your housing application, you will choose your meal plan best fit for your lifestyle.  UWSP Dining offers a variety of meal plans catered to your needs. The 2023-24 meal plans include four options, all priced at $1,875 per semester.  You […]


Coffee, Coffee, Coffee! 

Coffee has been the number one lifesaver for me while going to college. It’s gotten me through 8 a.m. classes, late night study sessions, and through some of the toughest finals. You could go as far to say coffee is the closest friend I’ve made here.   Are you looking for the best place on campus […]


Gobbling Up the New Changes: Real Students React To Dining on Campus

With just one blink, we’re already hitting week five! By now, our worry-free weeks of minimal work and notes in classes are being challenged with prepping for assignments, exams or presentations. One easy way to stay energized for everything that comes our way is receiving our daily nutrients from food. In order to stay energized […]


Goodbye Old DeBot, Hello New Dining Experience

Monique Mata-Bonilla shares what's in store for next school year (and where students can eat on campus!), as the DeBot Dining Center is renovated.

DeBot will be closed for the summer of 2018, the whole 2018-19 academic year and the following summer of 2019, with a Grand Reopening fall 2019. But have no fear! Dining and Summer Conferences staff are working to provide ways for students to still get their fresh meals each day at other locations across campus.