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Campus Involvement: Student Voting

By: Roy Thorson, President of Pointers Vote Coalition My first year of college came during the fall of 2020, in the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Being engaged with classes and organizations was difficult enough through a computer screen, but in-person engagement was essentially impossible. Therefore, when the opportunity came for me to get involved […]


CASE Fall Semester Events

By: Lily Alsteen, University Communications and Marketing Intern Campus Activities and Student Engagement, a.k.a CASE, is the answer to your student’s quest to find something to do on campus. These events can be an opportunity for students to make friends and get to know the UWSP campus a bit more.  CASE hosts a variety of […]


Tips I’d Tell My Freshman Self

By: Sarah Zuern, Marketing Student Manager, University Centers Tip #1: Get involved! As an incoming freshman, there is an abundance of opportunities thrown at you. It is important to take a step back from the chaotic new stage of your life and look at what piques your interest. Then, take those sparked interests and narrow […]


Getting Your Master’s Degree at UWSP

As you go through your college experience, you may find yourself wondering if a master’s degree is the next step for you. A graduate program is a great option if you are looking to expand your knowledge or advance as a professional in a specific field. UWSP offers 15 different master’s degrees in a variety […]


A Reflection of My Time at UWSP

UWSP students with bikes

By: Madeline O’Hara, UWSP University Communications and Marketing Intern Hello Pointers! My name is Madeline O’Hara, and after three years at UWSP, I will be graduating with my Bachelor of Science in Psychology, with minors in Neuroscience & Behavior and Biology. As a senior in my final semester, here are the things I’m most grateful […]