Here’s what you can expect with differential tuition

SGA Banner Regarding Differential Tuition at UW-Stevens Point

The Student Government Association (SGA) needs our voice in an upcoming differential tuition referendum that could reduce the time you wait for high-demand courses and improve student advising. What is differential tuition? The referendum, also called “The Pointer Partnership,” asks whether you would pay an extra $200 in tuition for services that could help students […]


UW-Stevens Point welcomes international students

Hello! Assalamu Alaikum! Hola! Privyeht! … and Eid Mubarak to all of my Muslim readers! Well, for those who you don’t know me, I am a huge diversity nerd. I love it and I love learning about other people’s cultures and/or how I can enrich their lives or they can enrich mine! Since I have […]