Transferring to UWSP From Marshfield or Wausau

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Attending UW-Stevens Point has been so beneficial to me in so many ways. However, I want to focus mainly on the transferring aspect of my college journey so far. Before attending the UW-Stevens Point Main Campus, I attended the UWSP-Marshfield Campus. This is a branch campus of UW-Stevens Point in Marshfield, WI. 

I chose to attend UWSP-Marshfield since I lived 5 minutes away from campus. Plus, it was nice that I was able to focus on getting my general education credits done for two years before I headed to the Main Campus. 

This year is my first semester at UW-Stevens Point and I am enjoying it here very much! The transferring process was very easy and not stressful one bit. The first thing I had to do was go onto accesSPoint and begin the transferring process. From there I got some emails about the process and what all had to be done. It was straightforward since I was staying at a UWSP campus, my credits transferred over with no problems. 

The next step was being assigned an academic advisor. I received emails from them as to when I could schedule an appointment to prepare for signing up for my fall classes. From there, I met with my academic advisor, and they helped me understand what courses I needed to take to finish my degree. 

That was basically everything I needed to do to get ready for classes. I have enjoyed this semester so far at UW-Stevens Point. One thing I had to get used to was the different academic buildings and where to go for what classes. UWSP-Marshfield was only one building. After about two weeks of classes, I was able to understand where most things are on campus.  

I recommend anyone who is thinking about transferring to UWSP to do it. It was an easy process, and I am continuing to discover my purpose on this campus.  


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