Finding a Roommate

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It’s about that time to be looking at housing for next year, and with that comes roommates. Here are a few things to keep in mind when considering this! 


  • Zeemee is a great resource for finding a roommate who is compatible with you. You are able to have conversations and see what living standards are most compatible for you. What makes a roommate compatible? I am glad you asked… 

Roommate Compatibility 

  • The key to a year of happy living is to have a roommate that you are able to set boundaries and expectations with. Some things to keep in mind are to make sure that you agree on a standard when it comes to cleaning, the option of you becoming friends, social lives, schedules, and sleep requirements. If you are a night owl, I would definitely reconsider living with a morning bird.  

Housing Application 

  • Within the application you will be given a chance to select a roommate, so I highly recommend considering one more time if the living situation will work for you. Otherwise, you should be all set! 

For more information about Housing and Roommates, check out the following link:


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