What to Gift Your Grad

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Graduation season is right around the corner! We are so excited to say hello to our incoming students and are sending our best wishes to our graduating seniors who are about to start new chapters! 

This is such an exciting time for everyone and graduated deserve to be celebrated for their newest milestone! If you’re looking to celebrate your a recent or upcoming grad with some gifts but not sure what to get them, check out the list below for inspiration. 

High School Grad Gift Ideas 

Shower shoes 

  • A necessity for students moving into dorms, where they’ll be in communal bathrooms. 

Laundry necessities: Soap, dryer sheets, hamper, etc 

  • Doing laundry is a necessary evil. Get incoming students laundry supplies so they don’t have to worry about buying any! 

College merch from their future university!  

  • Student can never get enough college merch! This way they can always be repping their new school. 

Mini fridge/microwave 

  • Sharing a kitchen in a dorm building isn’t always ideal. Having a mini fridge or a microwave is a convenient way of storing or cooking some meals! 

Storage items: Totes, shelves, organizers, etc. 

  • Storage is vital in a tiny dorm room.  

School supplies: Notebooks, pens, pencils, planner, laptop, etc. 

Board or card games 

  • Having some entertainment can give new grads something to do when they invite their new friends over! 

College Grad Gift Ideas 

Housewarming gifts! 

  • Many college graduates are about to set off on new adventures. One of those could be moving into their own place for the first time! So, housewarming gifts are a great way of both celebrating graduation and helping them fill their homes. 

Luggage set 

  • Some grads have plans to travel after college. A luggage set is a practical gift that can be used over and over again! 

Kitchen supplies 

  • Everyone could use some kitchen supplies when they’re moving into a new apartment! 

Customized diploma frame 

  • This is a great gift for new grads to display their most recent achievement! 

Meaningful/sentimental items 

  • A photo collage, personalized scrapbook, jewelry, or any other customized item is a great gift to give a college graduate as a way of reminding them of their time in college! 

Gifts for Both! 


  • A safe gift for all graduates would be cash. That way they can spend it on things you know they will enjoy whether that be necessities or a treat for themselves! 

Gift Cards 

  • Gift cards to their favorite places is also a great gift! And you have options when it comes to this idea. You can get them gift cards to their favorite stores or restaurants! 

Water bottle 

  • Having a reusable water bottle can be both convenient and a money saver! Graduates won’t have to worry about purchasing plastic water bottles all the time and can keep their water ice-cold. Plus they will stay hydrated! 

Tool Kit 

  • Whether a graduate is moving into the dorms or into their own place, there is bound to be some furniture building happening. A tool kit can be super helpful when putting together furniture or hanging up decorations. 


  • Recent graduates might be looking to try something new whether that be a new store or gym but they aren’t ready to commit to membership fees. Helping them out with a few months pre-paid membership can make all the difference! 

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