Three reasons why you should take a winterim course

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This winter break I knew I was going to have more time on my hands, and I needed to find something to make that time productive. I was talking with my adviser earlier this school year and we mapped out my plan for the rest of my schooling. My plan is to graduate in May 2017, with a bachelor’s degree in business administration with an emphasis in marketing and a minor in public relations communications. While we were going over my plan, I saw that I was going to have another semester with 18 credits. I have done that before and I wanted to see whether there was any way I could avoid doing so again. That is when my adviser suggested a winterim course. We ended up finding Business 370, Management Information Systems, and it was a class that I would need. I am very happy that I chose to take this course and I would recommend winterim courses to you for the following three reasons:

1. You can focus on one course.

While I have been taking my course during the winter break, I have noticed that it is much easier to just focus on one course. I do not have to worry about assignments from different classes and when they are due. I just have the assignments and quizzes for one course, and keeping organized is much easier. My course is online, so I have discussions due every day and quizzes on Fridays. What was really nice about my course, too, was that I could work ahead, which made it convenient if I had something going on or I had to work.

2. You can lighten your credit load for future semesters.

In future semesters, I may have had to take large credit loads had it not been for this course during the winter break. I have taken a semester with 18 credits, and it is doable, but it was not enjoyable. When I had that many credits it was a lot to keep organized and quite a bit to study for. Since I had the option of lightening my load in the future, I was quick to jump on that opportunity. Because I took this winter course, I will not have to take 18 credits again while I am at UW-Stevens Point.

3. You can finish your schooling sooner!

My courses have actually lined up great, so I do not have to worry about staying an extra semester to finish up any courses. I do have friends who have been taking winter courses so they can get done in four years instead of four and a half years. The option of saving money and starting a career is always a good one.

There are many benefits to taking a course during the winter break, but another time to take advantage of courses being offered is summer break. Watch for information on summer courses coming soon at!



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