Planning Makes Perfect

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As college students, we all have busy schedules. For me, keeping track of what I have going on daily is a necessity. I am a visual person, so I keep a daily planner to see what I have going on in writing. It helps me keep track of my schedule and what I need to do that day. Since it is the beginning of the new semester, I’m sharing with you how I set up my planner to keep myself organized throughout the semester.

Pick a planner for you

Small planners with minimum space to write are not my style. Mine is full notebook-sized with a section for both my daily schedule and a to-do list. This allows me to keep organized, have enough space to fit my whole plan in, and add things if something comes up. If you are always on the go, there are great apps for keeping a calendar on your phone. And, if you want to be able to access the calendar on both your phone and your computer, using Google calendar is a good way to go. You have access to the online calendar through your UWSP email account if you just log into Google!   

Plan your day

Compile a list of what you have to do weekly. This can include your class and work schedule, and sports or club meetings and practices, and anything else you could have. When I put these into my planner I also like to include what time everything is, as well. It is also convenient to write reminders in like “call mom tonight” or “lunch date with friends at 2 p.m.” While writing reminders to yourself may seem like a small act, it does keep you from forgetting!


Color code it

To keep things organized and understandable, I like to use different colors for different activities. Classes are black, work is pink, blogging is dark green, workouts are yellow, and PRSSA is light green. I like color, and I like that when I glance at my planner I can quickly tell what is going on each day.


Add highlights

In my to-do section of each day, I write down all my homework and other errands that need to be accomplished coming up (and when they are due, if necessary). Then, when something is due tomorrow or really needs to get done that day, I highlight it. Not only does this keep me organized, but it also gives me a prioritized list. When I can’t get everything done, I have already labeled what is most important.

Always keep updating

Throughout the semester, you should always keep updating your planners so it is always accurate. Schedules are constantly changing and so I continue to use my color scheme and add things that are going to happen. If something is cancelled I usually strike it out and write “cancelled” next to it, or I use whiteout to get rid of it.

Organizing your schedule in a planner makes keeping yourself on track so much easier. The tips I use to set up my planner help keep me on schedule during this busy and hectic time. You can use some of my tips, or do what works best for you! We are adults now, and we have to keep track of our new spring semester schedules. And, if you don’t have a planner yet, you can find a section of them in the back of the University Store, located in the Dreyfus University Center on campus.

Welcome back Pointers, and have a great semester!


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