Favorite Holiday And Seasonal Meals

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Mai La Yang talks with friends and shares their favorite holiday and seasonal meals.
It’s insane how fast the year has gone by. It was just a couple months ago when we were celebrating Halloween, then came Thanksgiving, and now the end of December and 2017 are near! We’re all anticipating winter break and having a month to relax our minds.


Finally, the snow is falling – giving me the holiday spirit. I’ve been in a joyous mood since Christmas is my favorite holiday, and I get to cook some of my favorite foods during this time with my family. Out of curiosity, I interviewed a few of my friends and asked what favorite holiday or seasonal meals they enjoy when they go back home.

I started off with my roommate, Kalia Thao, who said her favorite dish made at home during the holidays is fruit salad. Her reason for liking it so much is because she loves the vibrant colors, the refreshing taste of that first bite, and how healthy and nutritious it is.


fruit salad


My neighbor, Julia Cheng, enjoys the taste of Japanese curry during her holidays. She loves eating comfort food and then taking a nice, long, deep nap from stuffing her stomach with pure deliciousness.


Japanese curry


My friend Stacey Javier mainly eats roasted turkey for her holiday breaks with family. She told me, “We just always roast turkey for fall and winter holidays. We don’t eat it any other time.” It’s always been a family tradition and she wouldn’t change it for a thing.


roasted turkey


Next, I talked to my classmate Haley Budrow about what her favorite seasonal food is. She responded with eggnog and candy canes for the winter holidays. Haley enjoys munching on candy canes and making eggnog drinks, as she bonds with her father to make them.


eggnog with candy canes


I’ll conclude with my favorite seasonal meal (or a meal I can eat every day because I love it so much) with my family. In my household, we like to eat sweet and sour pork. It makes your mouth tingle with every bite!

sweet and sour pork


I hope everyone did well during final exams week! Drive safe in the snowy weather, and rest your body and mind from school because you deserve it.
For those who are taking Winterim classes, remember to take a break and take time to relax your mind!
Have a good winter break, Pointers!



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