5 Tips for Success in College

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College allows many extra hours to do what you wish. Whether it be taking a much-needed nap, studying for a test, hanging out with friends or applying for a job, it will be up to you to spend these extra moments wisely. Take these tips into consideration when starting your upcoming semester at college!


1. Make a resume for yourself. Look at examples of successful resumes online. Attend resume workshops on campus and allow others to read and edit it. I needed a resume almost immediately when starting my first year at UW-Stevens Point, so creating one as soon as possible will save you time in the long run. Be sure to take a look at your resume every couple months to ensure the information is still up-to-date and relevant. Most internships and jobs around campus require a resume, so create one as soon as possible! My resume is a bit more on the creative side, since I have experience in graphic design and want my resume to stand out when looking for a design job in the future.


2. Make a point to look for upcoming scholarships at your college or region. Read the specifications carefully. Creating a solid GPA, volunteering in the community, and being involved on campus will ensure you to be kept in the running for available scholarships. To see UW-Stevens Point scholarships, visit this link.

3. Adopt and practice a studying style that fits you. Not everyone has the same studying style, so finding your style and practicing it often will ensure success when studying for tests. I am a visual learner, so having fun with different colored pens allows my eyes to track through the information in an organized way that makes sense to my studying style. Using post-it notes, flags and stickers also attract my eye to organize important information. I found this awesome notebook at the University Store and Text Rental that I use to take notes for my internships. It’s the perfect professional-looking notebook that also shows Pointer Pride!


4. Keep track of where/when you volunteer. Volunteering will also attract employers and scholarship committees! Keeping a running spreadsheet of the date of the event, name of the event, what activity was done, and how many hours you volunteered is the most organized way of keeping track of volunteer events! Keeping an organized record such as this saves time when filling out scholarships later on.


5. Get to know your professors. Many professors encourage meeting with them during their office hours to clarify anything, or to go over a tricky topic one more time. This will also allow your professors to learn your name and establish a healthy academic relationship. I was very intimidated by my professors during the first months of my time at UW-Stevens Point, but learned to ask for help when needed and they were more than willing to lend a hand! Professors also make great references when applying for a job or internship in your designated field of study.


Whether you are a first-year student or a returning student, keeping these tips in mind for the upcoming semester will help you become the most successful version of yourself while in college! Establishing these healthy habits early on aids when you truly join the workforce for a “big-kid” job!



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