Welcome to the NEW Chemistry and Biology Building!

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A guide to the most anticipated building of the 2018-2019 school year…. the NEW Chemistry and Biology Building…

Share if you are excited for the new Chemistry and Biology Building coming to life this fall! This state of the art, ultra-efficient building is meant to not only grow interest in science, but also to invite students of all majors to lounge at the numerous nooks and crannies and appreciate the sheer coolness of the building.

The building is set up so that intro level science is on the first floor and the specialized classes are on the higher floors. I have highlighted neat aspects of each floor, so you know exactly where to go when you step foot in the new building!

First Floor Fun:

• A variety of casual seating that include a spot for your bag and a rotating desk top to get the ultimate “study sesh.”
• Common Ground Café, offering grab and go options as well as coffee and smoothies…Most importantly coffee.
• Double-sided see though electric fireplace, just so you can feel extra classy while running late to class in your sweatpants.
• Tropical Conservatory with different biomes in corners with a water feature and a green wall. Based on the temperature the conservatory windows open, fans turn on and the shades open automatically.
• Two (2) 96-seat lecture halls with
• Four (4) 48-seat general assignment classrooms
• Seminar Room
• Outdoor classroom with a chalkboard! Resembles a deconstructed Stonehenge.
• Eight (8) biology teaching labs


Second Floor Shenanigans:

• Seminar room that overlooks the conservatory
• Four (4) chemistry teaching, biology teaching and research labs and herbarium
• Options for displays of student work, research posters, etc. throughout the building (includes display cases, poster strips, glass walls to write on and soft pinning walls)
• Windows into labs and seminar rooms so a passerby can view activities


Third Floor Thrills:

• Biology and Biochemistry teaching and Biology research labs on the third floor
• Animal Care Room- The room can be washed from ceiling to floor and can switch from white to red lights to account for the nocturnal animals!
• This is where the cadavers are kept!!
• Green Roof (You can walk on it!) and was donated by Student Government Association
• Two (2) NMR’s. This is described as a MRI, but with “nuclear” at the beginning. All the power to you if you know what these machines do!

Fourth Floor Fabulousness:

• A room solely devoted to faculty and student research collaboration
• Interior architecture students picked all the furniture!
• Laser Lab
• Multiple Analytical and Synthesis Labs


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