Best Shows on Netflix For Your Next Study Break

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1. “Stranger Things”

Thrilling…yet not scary. “Stranger Things” is a must watch for those who love films inspired by the 80s, Winona Ryder, or incredibly talented 13-year-old actors. Easily one of the most “binge-able” series due to the suspense and relationships formed with the characters.


2. “Grey’s Anatomy”

This show taught me more than I may need to know! With over 300 episodes, I could easily take the MCAT and pass (or so I think).  One of the longest running shows, this medical drama deals with love, success, heartbreak, and even has some humor involved. This show is so good, it gives me heart palpations.


3. “Alias Grace”

If you are not much of a reader, never fear! There is now a way to read classics by the greatest authors of the world, thanks Netflix! Based on the book, this show has an intricate plot, eventful episodes, and well-developed characters. Finally, a visual into Margaret Atwood’s craziness, some like to call her imagination.


4. “Orange is the New Black”

Hilarious is the word I would use if I could use only one to describe OITNB. Based on a true story, and then twisted a little, this show is an example of all the misconstrued preconceived notions of a female prison. Personable, funny and heartwarming. The short episode times make a nice, quick study break.


5. “Making a Murderer”

This happens to be a documentary, but is arguably one of the best horror films ever made. Even scarier, this true story happened in Wisconsin! A must watch for the thrill seeker in you.


6. “Ugly Delicious”

Gourmet cooking is not often connected to living in a dorm. However, in this show, you won’t feel the need to cook, because you can watch and almost taste the deliciousness unfold. Follow award-winning chef David Chang to the ends of the earth and back in this travel journal to culinary greatness.


7. “Peaky Blinders”

The 1920s was an influential time. Gangs, revolutions, economic despair and more. Told in a British point of view, this riveting gangster drama is a great study treat, and is a great way to work on that British accent…eh.


8. “Santa Clarita Diet”

Firstly, who does not love Drew Barrymore? If that alone is not enough to watch this show, how about throwing in the fact that she turns into a zombie? In a terribly witty and unrealistic way, this show is great! This is a great show to tune in on and maybe zone out in. It is funny without trying and does not require your hardworking brain cells.


9. “Dave Chappelle”

Sometimes all you really need is a good laugh. This comedian sure delivers! In a short and sassy standup routine, Dave talks you through love, current issues, and might teach you a party trick or two.


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