What is a Placement Test and Why Do I Have to Take One?

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By: Madeline O’Hara, University Communications and Marketing Intern

Congratulations on your acceptance to UWSP!

As an incoming freshman, you are required to take placement tests in Math and English before registering for courses. Depending on your course of study, you may also be required to take a placement test in a Foreign Language. These tests are used to make sure students are placed in the classes best suited for them!

Students admitted for the fall will receive testing information in March, or soon after their admission. A $35 fee will be added to your UWSP fall billing statement to cover the cost of testing.

English and Foreign Language testing are only available online, while Math placement tests can be taken both online and in person. All exams should be completed 2 weeks before your first advising appointment, as your advisor will need the scores to assist you with choosing the best classes. If students need an accommodation due to a disability, visit this link for further instructions on how to proceed.

What do you gain from taking placement tests? Placement tests allow students to take classes that are best suited for them, which helps them to succeed in their classes. Some departments also offer retroactive credit for high placement scores. 

Personally, I think placement testing is incredibly important. My foreign language placement test score allowed me to skip four semesters of Spanish, giving me 16 retroactive credits. These credits (as well as some AP classes from high school) are allowing me to graduate a whole year early! Not only is this saving me a year’s tuition, but it’s allowing me to get a head-start on my adult life.

For more information on how to register for placement testing, visit our website Testing Services – University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point (uwsp.edu).


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