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Winter break is fast approaching, which means all students will be heading home to unwind from the semester. But before students do so, they will have to prep their dorms for a month-long vacancy. 

Students should be checking their emails for updates from Housing regarding what is required of them before they leave their dorms. Here is a quick checklist of what you can do to prep your dorm for winter break: 

Fully close and LOCK your windows. 

With the nightly temperatures dropping below freezing point, do not leave your windows open over break. Condensation may build up and cause windows to freeze open, which could result in heating issues or burst water pipes. Failure to properly close and lock windows could leave you liable for damages. 

Unplug unused electrical items and turn off all lights 

Unplugging any unused items and turning off the lights will help reduce the amount of energy used on campus and help lessen our carbon footprint. However, if you reside in Suites@201, leave your refrigerator plugged in. 

Remove perishable items 

When you get back from break, you don’t want to walk into a smelly dorm, do you? Removing perishable items will prevent any wasted food and bad smells. 

Empty trash and recycling 

Be sure to empty out any and all trash cans from your dorm room or suites. Since a whole semester’s worth of trash and recycling has filled these containers, wiping out your trash cans and recycling also isn’t a bad idea. It’ll help reduce any sort of smell. 

Ensure the heat is turned on 

Similar to locking your windows, leaving your heat on will ensure that no pipes will freeze over or burst. 

Lock door and take your key/Saflok with you 

Ensuring you have all of your keys with you will not only let you back into your room, but it will also prevent any key fees from being charged to your account! 

Once you’ve done all this, you’re all set to head home for the holidays! 


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