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UW-Stevens Point has a variety of resources available to students for any assistance they need. One of the most important ones we have is the on-campus food pantry, The Cupboard.  

Located in the lower level of the DUC, The Cupboard is a food resource open to any current UWSP student who is in need of emergency or supplemental food items. We recognize that many of our students receive need-based financial aid and are enrolled in food assistance programs. There are also students who encounter short-term financial emergencies and choose between buying food or paying bills. To help reduce stress, The Cupboard was created to help students meet their basic needs so they can focus on their academic success. 

The Cupboard is staffed by student volunteers who organize food drives, raise awareness, organize the pantry, and assist with the distribution of food to those in need. It is a donation-based food pantry that receives many gracious donations from both students and community members.  

If you are a student who would like to utilize this resource, there are two ways you can access The Cupboard. 

  1. Visit The Cupboard during Walk-In Hours 

Between the hours of 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, you can stop by the CASE front desk and let a staff member know you would like to use the Cupboard. After providing some quick information, you will be given access to the food pantry. This process is completely anonymous to protect the identities of students using The Cupboard. 

  1. Fill Out an Online Request Form 

If you are unable to make it during open hours, or would prefer not to come to the Cupboard, students can also fill out an online request form. Students can fill out their food preferences and dietary restrictions. A volunteer will package up your preferred groceries to the best of their ability and leave it for you at the front desk of CASE. You will receive an email when your groceries are ready for pick up. 

What information will The Cupboard ask for? 

  • You will be asked to provide your first name and show your Student ID to verify that you are a current student. This information will record basic demographic information such as your age and gender.  
  • You will be asked to read and sign a liability waiver for the food received. 
  • You will not be asked to provide any financial information. 

All information provided to The Cupboard is 100% confidential and will not be shared with anyone, including Financial Aid.  

What is available at The Cupboard? 

The Cupboard’s inventory is collected through donations and partnerships so what is there will vary. Volunteers do their best to provide students with a variety of protein, fruit, vegetable, and grain items. Keep in mind that perishable items are only available by visiting The Cupboard, not through online orders. Toiletries are often available but also vary.  

How often can I use The Cupboard? 

We ask that students visit The Cupboard no more than once per week, but we will never turn away someone who needs assistance. 

The Cupboard exists to support all students who have a degree of food need, whether it be short term, immediate, or a lasting need. If you have any concerns or questions about The Cupboard or would like to volunteer, please email

If you would like to donate food items, stop by DUC 061 and drop off items in the blue bin! 


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