The Closet and The Backpack

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Going to college is a hefty cost that has students stretching their dollar as much as they can.  

UW-Stevens Point recognizes that students are often under financial constraints, so one of their missions is to help them as much as possible. Upholding our value of sustainability, UWSP’s Office of Sustainability oversees two important student resources, The Closet and The Backpack. 

Located in Nelson Hall, these resources were established to lessen students’ worries about purchasing certain items needed for both academic and professional settings. 

The Closet 

The Closet is an on-campus resource that provides free clothing to all students in need. It’s like an on-campus thrift store. Not only does The Closet provide students with free clothing, but it helps reduce textile waste! 

 Some items you can find here are professional clothing items, winter gear, and everyday clothing! There is a diverse amount of donations, so you’ll be able to find a variety of styles and sizes that fit your needs. 

If you’d like to donate, there is a designated drop-off area outside of Nelson 234. 

The Backpack 

Down the hall, The Backpack houses many different items such as school supplies, home goods, and hygiene items. Students can anonymously access The Backpack to pick up the things they need at no charge. This resource is a great opportunity to save money and keep usable items out of landfills. 

All donations have been made by community members of the Stevens Point Area. 

Have extra school supplies or some gently used pots and pans you don’t need? Donate them outside of Nelson 220. 

If you are in need of clothing, school supplies, or hygiene products, stop by either of these resources in Nelson Hall. To find out more information, contact the Office of Sustainability at


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