Top Tips for Finals

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Final exams are almost here! As you prepare for this busy week, there are a few practices and resources that can help you succeed. Here are some top tips for finals week:

  • Visit the Tutoring-Learning Center
    • Schedule an appointment or go to drop-in tutoring with the TLC. One of the best ways you can prepare for finals is to get academic coaching for the courses you are taking. You can also join the group tutoring sessions for math and STEM classes. Make sure you use these resources as you prepare for finals.
  • Update your adviser
    • As you wrap up the semester, you may be excited about a particular class or dislike for another. We encourage you to share your classroom reflections with your Adviser. There may be major or career ramifications of how the semester went, and it’s always better to have those conversations yet this term rather than waiting until next fall. If you don’t know who your adviser is, login to you Navigate account. From there, you can contact your adviser, faculty/professor, career coach, and more.
  • Pace yourself
    • Don’t try to do everything in one sitting! It’s better for you to strategically use the time leading up to your final exams rather than study everything at once. Pacing yourself while studying promotes retention of information. Here are some helpful tips to think through pacing:
      • Rotate through your subjects
      • Vary your study methods
      • Dedicate time in your schedule
      • Know the order of your exams
  • Take breaks and rest up
    • You are likely feeling overwhelmed with coursework and studying piling up. It can be really helpful to take breaks and get enough rest. Taking breaks during long periods of study helps to refresh the brain and body and can increase focus and energy. Some helpful ways to take breaks include:
      • Exercising
      • Going outside
      • Taking a short nap
      • Stretching
      • Practicing a hobby
      • Talking to friends or family
      • Eating a healthy snack
  • Go to bed at a good time to get the rest your brain and body need!

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