Goodbye UWSP

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By: Lily Alsteen  

This is it. The end of a long, yet incredible journey. Graduation has finally arrived! 

Congratulations to my fellow peers who are about to walk that stage and get that diploma! 

I began my college journey during a confusing time for the whole world in 2020. I know you’ve all heard this story before, but it really is an amazing thing to see how resilient everyone has been through the past few years. 

When I first started at UWSP, I was in my childhood bedroom, reading all my syllabuses on my computer. I knew nothing about campus and didn’t get a chance to make any new friends. In all honesty, it was quite depressing. But there was hope when we got the email that we could go back to campus during the fall of my sophomore year. 

Once I arrived at campus, I went from 0-100. College is all about figuring out who you are. I knew I wanted to contribute something to UWSP’s campus. So, I joined clubs that sounded interesting, went to CASE events to meet new people, tried out some different jobs in different areas on campus until I found my footing. 

By my junior year, I had begun working in the University Communications and Marketing office as an intern. I also became an officer for the Sign Language Club. And became heavily involved in the CASE office. Through these types of involvement, I made a whole new circle of friends that I never would have known without arriving on campus.  

The DUC and Old Main became my hubs. I worked hard in the Founders room. I played endless amounts of pool and drank an infinite amount of coffee in the Brewhaus. I studied at a million tables in the DUC. I volunteered at five commencement ceremonies. 

Now as my senior year reaches its end, I look back at all the memories I’ve made and realize how much has changed in the past four years. The friendships and connections I’ve formed on campus have shaped me into a completely different person than I was on my first day of college. And it all seems to have happened in the blink of an eye. 

It’s true what they say; time flies when you’re having fun. My time here at UWSP has been a period of immense growth and proven my ability to rise to the occasion. I’m incredibly grateful to the people who have supported me from day one. I would not be who I am today without my family, friends (new and old), and my newfound mentors.  

Now it is time to step forth into this new and exciting chapter of my life. As I walk across that stage into the future, I will be bringing all of my experiences along with me.  

It’s been a great trip, y’all. I can’t wait to see what comes next for myself and UWSP in the near future. 

Don’t forget these wise words; It’s always a great day to be a Pointer. 


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