Finals Week Survival Guide

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Happy finals week, Pointers! We’re so close to finishing the semester. It’s just this one giant mountain – AKA: finals – standing between winter break and us. It’s time to suppress your chronic procrastination, hold in your tears and pull out your textbooks. (Even that one you haven’t cracked open all semester.) If you find yourself slowly unraveling, slightly panicked or mildly nauseous in the upcoming days, know you probably aren’t alone. Also know there are some things you can do to make your finals week a tad easier.

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There are a few things you can do to prepare for finals week. These little treasures can help ensure you don’t lose your cool. Here’s what you’ll need:

1.Caffeine: And lots of it. Stock up on espresso, lattes and energy drinks. Whatever you prefer. Just know you’ll probably need the extra kick this week. Please note caffeine is not an alternative for sleep. Unfortunately, I know this from experience.

2. Study playlist: Put together a study playlist before hitting the library. Or, check out some of the pre-existing study playlists on Spotify. Either way, music can keep your spirits up or block out the loud gum-chewer at the table next to you.

3. Snacks: If you haven’t made five-course gourmet meals this semester, don’t expect to be cooking up a storm during finals week. Invest in some healthy options that will keep you feeling 100 and you can easily tote around campus. Or stop by one of the coffee shops on campus to pick up a treat!



After you’ve gathered your finals week essentials, it’s time to get organized. Even if it feels like your life is a mess, try to keep your to-do list tidy with these tips.

1. Planner: I, personally, am terrible at filling out my planner. So I always try to set aside time to fill it out. (Props to those who get their assignments and immediately remember to put them in a planner.) Anyway, make sure you note exam times, paper deadlines and even pencil in some time that you can hit the library. Also mark when your finals week will be officially finished, so you can remind yourself of the light at the end of the tunnel.

2. To-do List: Prioritize your work. What’s most important this week? I like to organize my lists by necessity or time. Sometimes I need to invest more time in studying for an exam than I do for writing paper, so I’ll bump the exam up on my list. Other times, I’ll prioritize whatever assignment is due next. Do whatever works for you. But, you can probably order that secret Santa gift after you’ve finished your essay – that’s your call though.



When finals week is over, take some time for yourself! Plan something to look forward to once you’re done with finals. Something as simple as a dinner with your roommates before you all head home for winter break can make a big difference.


Keep your head up this finals week. Plan ahead. Prepare for the worst. Hope for the best. Remember that it’s not always about the grade you receive, but how you apply what you’ve learned and the effort you gave. You’ve got this, Pointers!

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