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Backpack Essentials of Every College Student

Ever wonder what you should pack in your backpack each day for class? After attending the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point for a couple years, I’ve narrowed down some essential items that I never forget to bring to class.   Umbrella: This item is at the top of the list since it’s the most essential item […]


Things I’ve Learned My First Year of College

It’s no surprise that life in high school is very different than life in college. Students in college have more free time, independence but are held at higher expectations academically. It’s important to start off the new semester on the right foot, so you will have a seamless next couple of years. As a junior […]


How to Get Involved on Campus

As a college student, it’s easy to get caught up in the craziness of courses, homework and tests. In order to meet other students with similar interests, getting involved on campus is a great start! There’s so many opportunities for college students, the choices are truly endless!   In order to see the latest events, […]


Syllabus Week: How to Start off on the Right Foot

Syllabus week- also known as the first week of college classes. It’s no surprise that the first week of classes is all about introductions and learning the expectations for each course, so there usually isn’t much homework assigned. Use this valuable time to set some goals for yourself, as well as to get organized for […]


How to Decorate a Small Space: College Edition

It’s no surprise that your college years will be spent in small living spaces. Whether you have plans to live in the residence halls or in an apartment, chances are you will be sharing a space with others. In order to make this new space look nice and organized and feel like home, many students […]