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Posted by Meg - September 2, 2011 - Featured, IA 311: Great Escapes, Interior Architecture, Students



My name is Meg Buchmann. I am originally from the northwoods of Wisconsin (Spooner). I am the youngest of five kids, and the achievement bar was set pretty high at a young age. I am currently a junior in the interior architecture program (the reason I chose Point) and have just picked up a business administration minor. I have worked on campus in the dining services, as a community advisor in Burroughs Hall, and currently as the CPS Dean’s assistant and design student.

So far in my life I have given a stem cell transplant to save my brother’s life, beat thyroid cancer, been to Europe three times (eight countries total), and received the Chancellor’s high and highest honors. To me, I still have much more to do to not only reach the achievement bar my siblings and parents have set for me, but also, the bar I have set for myself. I feel like Jack in Jack and the Beanstalk and the bar is all the way above the clouds. There are so many opportunities for achievement at UWSP, it is hard to decide where to start…IA is a good place.

So, as an IA student, and many others can attest to this, we get the “Oh your major is easy” or “All you have to do is pick out paint and fabric.” To us IA students, this is a myth and can be  frustrating because there is a lot more involved. Of course, we do pick out paint and fabric, but we also have to plan a space and make it flow. Everything has to make sense and have a purpose or reason from the door knob handle for a closet to a lamp. We have to make sure people are safe in the environment they are in. This entails knowing capacities, codes, and the durability of finishes. Don’t get me wrong, interior architecture is fun, but it is also one of the most intense, time consuming and competitive majors on campus.

In this blog I will be blogging about a design project from start to finish. Hopefully other IA students who read this can add or talk about their projects and how they approach a design project. Also, I hope this blog will inform prospective IA students (or unsure freshmen) about the major and that HGTV is not the real design world.

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