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Packers Nation in Point and Afar

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I wear my Packers shirt like a flag. A declaration of allegiance and loyalty. An unspoken understanding among the vast International community that is Packers Nation–a community stretching far and wide, infiltrating households in some of the most remote areas of the world, injecting passion and pride into each. We’re everywhere. You run into a […]


To be a Hungarian…(sigh)

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If I was a Hungarian my name would be Sandor. I would be tall, dark and masculine with hairy arms and a Cro-Magnon forehead. I would smile occasionally: a repressed smile, because no matter how good things seemed there would always be this sense of impending doom–a calamity lurking around the corner. I would be […]


Health in Hungary

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Coming from UW-Stevens Point, I have acquired a relatively well-rounded outlook on wellness factors. Remember, the SPECIES model? Social, Physical, Environmental, Career, Intellectual, Emotional… Sexual? No, Spiritual! (Still got it!) I’ve been thinking about these things since arriving in Hungary, and I’ve made some observations comparing Hungary’s health to the U.S., particularly Stevens Point. Social: […]


Stations, semis and swastikas: Sure signs you’re stranded in Szeged

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Public transportation in Europe is wonderful; anyone will tell you that. What they don’t tell you, however, is that you actually have to know how to use the transportation. For the navigationally challenged (read: Lee and Jared), this can be a situation. So, Jared and I got lost. It wasn’t the first time, and it […]


The Hungarian housing crisis (Well, our Hungarian housing crisis…)

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After our initial welcome tour in Budapest, we took a train to Szeged where we will be living and studying. There, we met a few Hungarian language students who showed us to our temporary rooms and have been helping us coordinate housing for the semester. The process has been gruesomely entertaining, the students have been […]


Hangin’ out in Hungary: The awkward, the uncomfortable, the Wafelini

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I’ve gotta say, when you don’t speak the local language, everything becomes a bit of an adventure. I remember Mark Koepke (associate director of UWSP International Programs) telling me, “Well, even though English isn’t the local language, most people speak it pretty fluently.” Actually Mark, approximately 16% of the Hungarian population speaks English; the rest […]



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Goodbye Wisconsin, with your pristine snowmobile trails, immaculate glimmering sheets of snow and sparkling frosty trees. Goodbye to the ever-interesting milk route, hearty home cooked meals and games of scrabble with mom. Goodbye brothers, friends, card games and fish fries. Hello… airport. Yes, I’m doing one more semester abroad–this one in Szeged, Hungary. Why, you […]


Experiencing Europe with Kathe

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My first experience in this whole London ordeal was missing my flight from Central Wisconsin Airport to Chicago, catching a later flight and having to go into extreme hustle mode to catch up with my other Stevens Point compadres (who I didn’t even know were my compadres at the time). When I finally caught up […]


The Sandwich

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There’s this epic sandwich in London. A sandwich so epic, in fact, that according to professional-at-life Carolyn Matthews, “It’s the perfect hot sandwich. It has everything you’re looking for in a hot sandwich.” It’s the Duck Confit Brioche. Duck confit, goat cheese honey truffle, arugula, onion chutney, mustard, all on a homemade brioche. One thing […]


Je Veux McAroon

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  They serve macaroons at McDonald’s in France. No kidding; we couldn’t believe it! Just to clarify we only went into McDonald’s in Paris in the first place because we heard about the macaroons and just had to try. Now I’m no macaroon connoisseur, but we had one in the group and she said they […]