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Plano de Planta: A lesson on creating classroom floor plans

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Well, this past week was a very rewarding week. I feel like I’m finally getting into the swing of things. I feel more confident, have more variety of activities, and I feel like I know my students much better. The one thing I still feel like I am missing, however, is time! There is so […]


Week 3 Already?

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Time is flying! I can’t believe it’s already into the third week of the placement. I’m loving Belleville so far. I really like my cooperating teacher, whom I will call Camila. I could not have been placed with a better teacher. We agree on many ideas and she offers great guidance while also giving me […]


Ready, Set, Teach!

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It’s been a busy two weeks–school bells ringing, fingers typing, pages turning, students learning and teachers teaching. My internship placement officially starts on Friday, Jan. 23, but I’ve been observing in the classroom the past two weeks in preparation for third term. And although I’m a little stressed, I must say that I LOVE my […]


Adventures of a Student Teacher

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Hello all and welcome to my blog! Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Katie Olson and I am a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. My majors are Spanish and secondary education and my minors are ESL (English as a second language) and international studies. During my time at UW-Stevens Point, […]