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Wrapping up in Vancouver!

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WOW! These three months have flown by, creating great relationships with friends in Vancouver, and making connections and learning constantly! I’m excited about the future and what it holds as there are so many options to come! Including applying for my 500-hour yoga teacher training! I decided to take a look at all of the […]


This next year for Creative Warrior Yoga

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So here it is: I’m laying out my next year for the world to see. Creative Warrior Yoga: It is the creators, the crazy ones, who move our world forward, who create remarkable feats of love and emotionally giving themselves and their work to the world. They drive the human race forward. I want to […]


Working on an OSS (Off Site Shoot) for My Yoga Online

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We recently shot new content for the site with Christine Price Clark in Arcadia park. The park is on the east side of Vancouver and has stunning views of the Pacific Ocean. I spent the day learning about filming, including shadows, cameras, and their angles, lighting, and my favorite, set disturbances. As the PA on […]


Wanderlust Colorado 2013

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The title for “Most Incredible Experience in Yoga History” goes to Wanderlust Festival Colorado! It’s a yoga adventure like no other, with a weekend jam packed with 100+ yoga, meditation and kirtan classes! The festival brings all the greatest teachers on the planet together, along with all the yoga related music artists to jam out […]


Elena Brower and audio books

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I’ve become obsessed with finding audio books online and listening fervently while biking (don’t try this at home kids), and walking virtually everywhere I go! I found an app for my phone, Note Everything, where I can … Note Everything! I love taking notes while taking strolls. I’ve read three books in the last three […]


The Creative Warrior Manifesto

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Creative Warrior Manifesto Be a Creative Warrior. Be a Bold and Fearless Artist in your medium, Make new Connections, and Inspire. Fill up, and Spill Forth with Enthusiasm. Witness Your Innate Divinity and Wholeness in each moment; Put Emotional Labor into Everything you Do, and Gift your Work with Intention, in Service to Others; Playfully […]


First Professional Yoga Gig in Vancouver!

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On Thursday, I taught my first ever class in a studio setting and freakin’ loved it! You know when you know the universe is calling you to do something with all of your being? Neither did I till I started teaching yoga! The experience of seeing others striving towards an intrinsic goal of self-inquiry or […]


My Yoga Online Day ONE!

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Beginning the day with my morning walk, I began to realize what people talk about with the rain here. Rain here is a leaky faucet. Or drip coffee. It is minimal, but it doesn’t stop. Totally unlike Wisconsin’s rain where it generally is torrential down pour for maybe a few minutes, maybe even hours, but […]


Day 1 in Vancouver!

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Turns out May 20 is Victoria Day in Canada, which is a federal holiday honoring Queen Victoria on the last Monday of May every year. It also marks the first day of Canada’s summer “season”… Translation—Day off! So we’re off to a pretty good start! This worked out perfectly, so that I could settle into […]


Wow, what a journey!

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Flying out of Chicago’s O’Hare Airport at 8:20 a.m., the morning after walking for graduation? Sure, let’s do it! On May 19, my parents dropped me off at the O’Hare Airport with 2 huge suitcases, and two carry-ons. My life, in four bags. The plane took off, and it finally began to sink in that […]