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Farmers Market Finds

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They say that the early bird catches the worm and that couldn’t be more true for the farmers market in Stevens Point. The market is held daily downtown on the Square, but Saturdays are the busiest. You need to be up early if you want to get the best pickings! Did you know that the […]


Appetizers in a Snap for Game-Day

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As much as we all don’t want daily ice cream outings and sitting poolside to end, fall is coming and that can only mean one thing … are you ready for some football? Since all us Wisconsinites are Packers fans of course, I wanted to kick your tailgate dishes and game-day parties off with a […]


Eating like Team USA

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The 2016 Olympics in Rio are in full swing and it’s got the entire nation tuning in. I’m putting sports nutrition on the podium and sharing how the U.S. Olympic dietitians fuel our athletes (source: HYDRATION is definitely in the qualifying bracket of importance when it comes to training. Proper methods that keep you […]


Healthy Lifestyle Challenge: My Mother’s Journey Begins

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Losing weight and keeping it off has never been easy for my mom. She has tried time after time to drop a few pant sizes and it only lasts a few months before she returns to her starting weight. However, today she embarks on day one of a new challenge: a healthy lifestyle challenge. There […]


Do you know your ABCs?

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I wish there was a catchy tune to help us all remember the benefits and sources of vitamins, but I have yet to come across it. Even if there was, we all can’t sing nor dance like the Jackson 5 (keep this in mind for later… I’m quiet the jokester)! Anyway, many times medical webpages […]


Study and Safety: Go Abroad Prepared – A Student’s Perspective

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For students studying abroad it’s the ultimate adventure. For their parents the level of excitement takes equilibrium with the worry. By now, the news regarding the death of the UW-Madison student Beau Solomon has reached national and world attention. How tragic and devastating for the friends and family of Solomon. My prayers and thoughts go […]


Shooting for Ripeness

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Basketball has never been my forte, that’s my brother’s specialty! In fact, he is the varsity basketball coach of the Sturgeon Bay High School Lady Clippers and when he caught me using a cantaloupe instead of a basketball, he started to prepare for the long hall ahead of training camp. Well the joke is on […]


Work Uniform to Workout?

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Let’s read that one more time: work uniform to workout … okay I’m confused, what’s that all about? Sometimes we young interns are clocking 10-hour shifts each day, that’s a lot! Not only are those long days, but after work the only emotion applicable is exhaustion and it’s not fair to let your health suffer […]