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10 Reasons to Travel to Namibia

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Nearly two months have passed since I came home from an adventure of a lifetime and not one day goes by that I am not reminded of the learners at National Institute of Special Education (NISE) in some way or another. The stories of the people in Namibia last forever. From the unique culture and […]


See You Later, Namibia

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Driving away from NISE (National Institute for Special Education) was one of the most challenging events I have experienced in the past 22 years. After spending quality time with the learners at the school and such wonderful people in Namibia not knowing if I would ever see people I had grown to truly care about […]


A weekend with wild animals

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Road trips are always fun adventures, but one in Namibia with our wonderful host family and the UW-Stevens Point School of Education team was an absolute blast. From jamming out to our Namibia playlist to listening to Adam tell stories over the audio system, the laughs and memories made on the trek to Etosha were […]


The Day of the African Child

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Every June 16 since 1991, the International Day of the African Child has been celebrated to reflect on what children in Africa have been through and to bring a day of joy to their lives. On this day, children are reminded of their rights and responsibilities and given time to give thanks for all they […]


Peace Corps Visits

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On June 8-9 the team and I had a wonderful opportunity to share dinner with a few Peace Corps volunteers. These relaxed informative sessions opened our eyes to cultural aspects and information about Namibia we had not yet learned and gave us students a confidant to ask any questions to. The volunteers barely had time […]


A weekend to remember

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The team and I traveled to Swakopmund to explore another part of Namibia and become adrenaline junkies June 5-7. On the way to the ocean we stopped at a market and practiced our bargaining skills. Next, our destination was Dune 7 which is the second tallest dune in the world standing over 300 meters tall. […]


Thinking on our toes

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Before I came to Namibia I mainly informed people I would be teaching at a school, but we have become much more than teachers in our first two weeks! We have become parents, role models, friends, teachers, guidance counselors, colleagues and much more. Each day we drive up in a large white van and we […]


Birthdays in Namibia: “I Love You All”

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On Monday, June 1 we started out our day at a Monday meeting. At NISE, or the National Institute for Special Education, each student grabbed their chair from a classroom and had an all-school assembly. Here the principal Mrs. Marillize Fransman spoke of general announcements, updates, introduced each member of the team, especially Prof. Patty […]


Meet some Namibian students

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“Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world” is a very meaningful quote said by Nelson Mandela. Through education we develop new theories, learn important concepts, and most importantly, we are able to effectively communicate with others to hear and share their stories. Over the past three days while we […]


Preparing for an adventure of a lifetime

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Namibia, Africa, is not a destination on many people’s traveling bucket lists, but to me this was a place I have wanted to travel to for over three years. As a freshman at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, I met a young lady that was majoring in special and elementary education, just like me while […]