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“It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door”

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I suppose it has taken me so long to write my final blog because it saddens me that my New Zealand journey has come to an end. At least for now. Leaving New Zealand was so hard for me and I felt that I wasn’t ready to leave just yet. I had met so many […]


Thermal Wonders of New Zealand

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New Zealand rests above an active fault line where two fragments of the earth’s surface collide. In the south island the earth is forced upward, creating the beautiful Southern Alps, and in the north island one of the pieces is pushed under the other resulting in a great deal of geothermal and volcanic activity. On […]


So you like Lord of the Rings?

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I’ve always been a die-hard Harry Potter fan, but when I came to New Zealand I figured it was finally time to read the Lord of the Rings series and watch all of the movies. I quickly became addicted to the story and not much longer after that I booked my first LOTR tour. Peter […]


Everybody needs to visit Kaikoura!

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To enjoy the last few days of my Easter break, I headed north to Kaikoura. It’s a small town established on the Kaikoura Peninsula but full of wonderful sea life. I was extremely fortunate because I was able to see fur seals, dusky dolphins, a small blue shark, and various species of albatross birds. The […]


Queenstown: Adventure Capital of the World!

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On my Easter break I decided to venture down south to Queenstown, the adventure capital of the world. They get this name because they are notorious for their bungee jumps, canyon swings and extreme sports. Queensland is also a great location to experience some New Zealand kayaking, biking, canyoning and tramping. Not only is Queenstown […]


Living the Kiwi Life!

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After only being in New Zealand for only two months so far, I’ve already done some extremely crazy but exciting things! I spent last weekend in Carrington Hut, basically in the middle of no where. I sort of explained New Zealand huts in one of my previous blogs, but again, NZ is home to some 1,400 […]


Keen about New Zealand?

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Before I came to New Zealand I had no knowledge of NZ history, other than a few facts about the indigenous Māori people. I think it is really important to know some interesting stuff about Kiwi Nation, and I would like to share with you what I have all learned so far from all of my classes! Also, […]


Travel Time

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I was very fortunate this past week because my boyfriend flew all the way from Wisconsin to Christchurch to visit me for nine days during UW-Stevens Point Spring Break. We were able to travel to all kinds of places on the South Island of New Zealand around the Christchurch area. The first place we went […]