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Air Adventures

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Hello all! My name is Casey Barton and I am a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point majoring in business administration. I decided last minute that I wanted to get out and explore the world, specifically China! So I applied to go to China on the School of Business and Economics internship study abroad […]


Home Sweet Midwest

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I’ve been home for a week now and it’s finally settling in that I’m here to stay … at least until December 17 when I cross that stage. 😉 As I was coming back home it truly felt like I was just coming back for a few weeks to visit everyone and then I was […]


The emotional array of studying abroad

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My time interning in London is coming to an end much more quickly than I would like it to, but with it comes reflection as well. My aunt–who’s only a few years older than me and has a role much like a sister or best friend in my life–texted me the other day telling me […]


Prost to my weekend in Munich, Germany

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With some mild sunburn, my voice completely lost to the point where I couldn’t even make a sound (pollen was floating around in the air the size of quarters), and a broken romper later (my strap got caught as I was standing up and broke), I really enjoyed my weekend in Munich, Germany. We have […]


Study and Safety: Go Abroad Prepared – A Student’s Perspective

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For students studying abroad it’s the ultimate adventure. For their parents the level of excitement takes equilibrium with the worry. By now, the news regarding the death of the UW-Madison student Beau Solomon has reached national and world attention. How tragic and devastating for the friends and family of Solomon. My prayers and thoughts go […]


On Sunny Days the Tourist Comes Out

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After days of rain and clouds, six University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point students walked away from being working interns and turned into high-energetic crazy tourists. Okay, I was the only one that turned into an extreme tourist with my DSL camera hanging from my neck, selfie stick stuck nearby in my purse and my iPhone at […]


This isn’t Wisconsin anymore, or is it?

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I’m in London, England! With more emotions than I could identify, I arrived into London listening to “Home” by Phillip Phillips. If you don’t immediately know the song I’m referring to, my apologizes, here’s a link to it on YouTube so you can live a blissful life once again. I’m huge into matching music with […]


Here comes goodbye

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Hello friends! I am filled with an abundance of emotions as you’ll be able to see in my first blog. I have now moved out of Stevens Point, back home to Hatley, and have a week before I leave for my internship with The Route City Wealth Club in London, England. I hope that this internship […]


My Top 10 for Study Abroad

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For starters, hello to the UW-Stevens Point community! I’m new to the world of blogging and what better way to introduce myself than share about my past few months I spent studying at the University of Valladolid in Spain. Yes that’s right, I said Spain! I am a Spanish major in addition to dietetics, so […]