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Foodie Adventures in London

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It is hard to come to a city as diverse and multicultural like London and not notice that each different community has brought a taste of their own country to London. To do justice to my time here, I decided to go on some foodie ventures and see what different cuisines the world had to […]


Justin’s last London blog

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I extended my time in London until Jan. 17 because I did not want to leave this wonderful city due to the fact that it has been some of the best months of my life. I also felt like a few things were unfinished, so I felt the need to finish them before I was […]


Adventures in Western Europe

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Hello everyone, I have not written a blog post for a while, therefore, I believe it’s now time for me to tell everyone about my last bit of adventure in the rich city of London and Western Europe. In late December and early January I traveled to Paris, Berlin and Rome. I went to Paris […]


Yoga, Hindu festival, and Packers…in London?

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Hello readers, I hope that you have enjoyed my articles thus far. Within the past two weeks, I went to a Hindu festival, had two of my friends from Kenya experience their first ever Packers game and attended a yoga and meditation workshop. I attended the Hindu festival with three friends; my friend Ravin, and […]


The Legend of Loch Ness

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Hello readers, within the past two weeks I have experienced a lot in England. I went on a ship cruise, traveled to Cambridge and Scotland, and attended a mindfulness workshop that was led by Buddhist monks. The ship cruise was a fascinating educational experience and a great way to see the buildings of London. During […]


Linger in London with The Cranberries

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About two weeks ago, I wrote about my experiences from my wonderful internship at Evolve Wellness Center and my interesting classes in London. Near where I live, there is a wonderful and a large park called Regents Park. Henry VII appropriated the park to use it as a hunting ground. The park is an amazing […]


London Eye, Tower, Bridge and more!

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Hello readers, I hope that you have found my second article that covered my six-day tour of England interesting and enjoyable. As of today, I have completed two weeks of my classes and my internship. The weekend before they started our group visited the London Eye, The Tower of London, and Tower Bridge. The London […]


Live from London

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Hello readers, Have you traveled abroad or know someone who has? Or do you dream of traveling abroad some day? If yes, I believe my story and my posts will be interesting and inspirational to you. I am a 2007 Augusta High School graduate who finished my high school degree with a low GPA. In […]


Are you Superhuman?

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Have you recently experienced a seasonally cold, or been sick lately? If you have not, it does not mean hat your immune system can with stand any microscopic invader, therefore, making you like a superhuman. That statement is most likely obvious, but it did not stop me from holding a superstitious idea. For me, the […]