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In my last few days on campus, I must reflect on all the things I will really miss. My job in the dean’s office in the UWSP College of Professional Studies and the amazing staff, girls night at the spur-of-the-moment, and seeing great friends on a daily basis. In my first blog I mentioned how […]


So, you despise networking?

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You have probably heard that its not what you know, but who you know. Unfortunately, it is true. You not only have to study hard and learn your stuff but you have to meet and get to know a slew of people to help you in your future. Networking can be a pain-but well worth […]


Buchmann named UWSP Student Employee of the Year

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The College of Professional Studies at UW-Stevens Point prides itself on being proactive, resourceful, connected and caring. That is epitomized in our students, including dean’s assistant for design Meg Buchmann who was selected as the 2012-13 UW-Stevens Point Student Employee of the Year. “I’m in awe of the work Meg has done for us,” said […]


Rakin’ in the Dough

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One thing I learned while at UW-Stevens Point–and I guess not really about life–is how to apply for scholarships. I have put myself through college the last four years (plus interims!) so I had to apply to countless scholarships. I recently looked at my little Financial tab-thinger under myPoint and found I was awarded around […]


The final countdown

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In my final few months left at UW-Stevens Point I have laid awake many nights thinking about my time here–truly I have. I do not think much about the horrible classes I took, the ones I skipped or the times I excelled. I have mostly been thinking about who I was when I came here […]