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Alexia’s final thoughts

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Hola Chicos! Hello from the United States of America! I am finally back in Wisconsin, and this time it’s for good. Although my time abroad has come to an end, I am incredibly excited to be home and begin the next chapter in my life. So, what is next for Alexia? That is a question […]


Lessons and goals from London

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Hola Chicos! I am officially more than half way done with my internship at Movimientos and time in London, and I’m realizing how bittersweet that is. I have gained a wealth of knowledge and experiences, but I feel I still have a lot left I would like to accomplish. For this post I thought I […]


New adventures in the UK

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Hola Chicos! I have officially been in London for more than two weeks now and I have loved every second of it. Now that I’ve settled down in my new home I feel more comfortable exploring new things in and around the city. Also I’ve been working for a couple weeks so I have begun […]


Hola from London!

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Hola from London! I cannot believe it but I am finally here! After two years of waiting and preparing and applying and getting my visa and packing, I am finally in London and starting the last leg of my undergrad career! We arrived on Sunday morning after a long flight and were immediately thrown into […]


Staying motivated senior year

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Hola chicos, So close yet so far away. I’m sure I’m not the only senior feeling like this right now. Less than two months until graduation, but still it seems like we’re never going to get there. Even though this is my lightest class load I’ve ever had, it seems like my hardest semester. I […]


After-college jobs

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Hola chicos, Hello everyone! Welcome back to Stevens Point and another semester of classes here at UWSP! I hope everyone is enjoying this semester so far, I know I am. This is my last semester on campus, and with only 12 credits it’s the slowest course load I’ve ever had and I’m really enjoying the […]


Why Study Economics?

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Hola chicos, With the holidays around the corner, I am realizing how long it’s been since I’ve seen my family and how excited I am to see everyone again. However, I am not particularly looking forward to explaining to everyone all the details of what has been going on in my life recently. I don’t […]


Reflections before my last semester

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Hola Chicos, Hey everyone! I hope all you UW-Stevens Point students are surviving midterms and the cold streak of weather we have been having. I know personally I have been crazy busy (I have two midterms and a project due next week … ugh), but also a lot of good things have been happening. Last […]


SBE Peer Mentor Program

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Hola Chicos, Welcome back to school, Pointers! I hope everyone had a wonderful end to their summer and is starting off this school year on a positive note. I couldn’t be happier with how my summer ended and I am immensely looking forward to this semester. I have a lot in the works in semester, […]


Why choose UWSP?

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Hola Chicos, As summer is coming to a close and fall nears closer, most of us begin to think about returning to school. Classes here at UW-Stevens Point start up in less than a month and many high school seniors are getting ready to apply for colleges. Students already in college may be wondering if […]