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A place called Hope

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The National Institute of Special Education for Visually Impaired in Namibia is quite altered from a school system that one coming from Wisconsin would be familiar with. The physical set of the entire school contains three linked buildings. A lower primary, a middle school and a junior secondary. The hallways of the school are sidewalks […]


Perfection does Exist

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There is a saying that I am sure everyone knows, “There is no such thing as perfection.” I believed in this saying wholeheartedly growing up. Perfection was something worked at, but never accomplished. However, stepping out of the van today, for the first day of school, left me in a state of perfection. Emotions are […]


Our jouney begins

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I never imagined standing at the airport at 3 a.m. would have the potential to be so thrilling. I suppose I never saw myself standing at the airport, with seven other individuals, anxiously awaiting to board a plane to travel across the world. All of the group members were standing in line, bouncing from foot […]


Packing party

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I am one day away from completing a dream that has been tickling my brain since I was 15-years-old. Today was spent with a loving family and friends who have been around since the diaper days. Thank goodness for the 78 degree weather in Chicago which led us to a cookout. Since the weather was […]


Last meeting before our big trip!

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“Imkeli kaj oondoza ji etele iikulja” => “Peace fattens more than food” Cinco de Mayo brought more than the typical smell of tacos in the air. Today was the last meeting before we travel across the ocean to Namibia, Africa. The countdown of 20 days has begun and the room was filled with busy questions […]